Overview Of Our Services

GLSC & Company has a multitude of services designed to help your company succeed. Please select a service topic for more information:

  • As a full-service accounting firm, GLSC & Company provides individual and corporate clients with a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services to handle all financial and accounting needs whether they are starting a new business or are already well established. Our clients are thus prepared for growth and market competition.

    Our multidiscipline team has the in-depth industry experience to help our clients grow from the start-up stage to the desired market position. Through our accounting and bookkeeping services, we have the resources and experience to help you make this happen. We provide small businesses with programs tailored to serve all their accounting needs. Whether you need monthly or quarterly write-up work or the preparation of payroll tax returns and sales tax returns, our dedicated professionals are at your service to help you improve your everyday operations.

  • One of the most important cornerstones of any C.P.A. firm is the art of auditing. An audit is one of the most significant processes through which an organization or company can learn how to enhance profitability and eliminate operational inefficiencies. We make every effort to examine all the aspects of our client's organization so that in the process of learning about its financial statements, its personnel and it operations, we can find ways of helping them improve the all-important bottom line. The diversity of experience of our personnel and their independent and objective viewpoints make the comments, observations and conclusions presented in our management letters a valuable source of information.

  • Audits of local governmental units place emphasis on two main audit objectives: financial audit and compliance considerations. The financial audit objective is intended to express an opinion on the financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and to report on the internal control structure. The compliance objective is to determine if the transactions executed by the entity are in compliance with applicable laws, rules, grants and contracts and if they were reasonable in the circumstances.

    Our firm's professional services to local governmental units include the following areas:
    - Audit of financial statements
    - Audit of Federal and State Financial Assistance Program under the Single Audit
    - Act and the rules of the Auditor General of the State of Florida
    - Implementation of computer systems
    - Bonds compliance and comfort letters to underwriters
    - Rate studies
    - Peer review of the internal audit department

  • Tax policies and procedures can have a major impact on most any organization. Tax laws and policies seem ever-changing and as a result, many organizations need help to navigate the turbulent financial waters comprised of taxes. Our firm can help your organization comply with the demands of the tax process, efficiently and proactively. Our tax services include the preparation of tax returns and analysis of proposed transactions to determine their tax implications and recommendations for alternative ways of structuring such transactions.

    Our goal is to help our clients with smart tax planning and to help them by identifying opportunities that can minimize or postpone tax liabilities under existing tax laws. When needed, we represent our clients before the Internal Revenue Service and state taxing authorities on examination of tax returns. In every instance, we are tirelessly at work to seek ways to trim taxes and save them money.

  • The background and experience of our personnel enables our firm to offer effective management consulting services in almost every area of our client's operations. We have offered consulting services in the areas of accounting systems and related internal controls, development of office procedures, data processing, feasibility studies, budgeting, forecasting and preparation of financial proposals. In addition to our in-house capabilities we have developed a working relationship with experts in various specialized areas on whom we call as needed, with our clients' approval, to assure our clients are receiving the best possible advice.

  • The success of any community and homeowner association depends to a large degree on its ability to wisely utilize its financial resources. This kind of fiscal responsibility requires specialized knowledge that many volunteers may not have. Our firm excels at providing the kind of comprehensive management services that can make your community or homeowner association succeed.

    We offer a full range of community and homeowner association services that can assist your association in every facet of its day-to-day management. Our specially-trained and savvy staff of expert financial managers will carefully review your association's financial management programs to tailor-make a management program that best suits your association's needs. As an additional benefit to you, our firm has consulting services in the areas of accounting systems and related internal controls, development of office procedures, data processing, feasibility studies budgeting, forecasting and preparation of financial proposals.

    We also offer a full range of community and homeowner association services to assist the board of directors in the day-to-day management of the association. We understand the unique pressures and problems that the board of directors faces, offering time and talents to the association. That's why it is important to employ an outside financial management and accounting service firm to assist in the daily operation of the association. Our firm can collect, through a local bank's lock-box service, all maintenance fees from owners and answers all owners' inquiries regarding their accounts. We can also assist your association with its end-of-year mailing to the owners, prepare your association's tax returns and assist in preparing your budget as part of an on-going process. In addition to our in-house capabilities, we have developed a working relationship with experts in various specialized areas that we contact as requested by our clients, to assure that our clients are always receiving the best possible advice.

    Using state-of-the-art computer techniques and an expert staff of professionals, our firm will integrate with your management team to help your association keep your cost down by eliminating wasteful spending and inefficiencies. As your association's financial managers, we can make a difference well-worth your investments in us. Our firm provides the following services:

    - Customized billing and collection systems
    - Direct daily collections and deposit using a lock box system at a local bank - Collection system access providing immediate information on each homeowner and account status
    - Reconciliation of bank accounts with monthly bank statements; maintenance of complete accounting records, including cash receipts, check disbursements journal and general ledger
    - Receive and prepare invoices for payment, prepare the checks and send to the association for appropriate signature
    - Monthly financial statements presenting a comparison of actual to budgeted amounts for both monthly and year to date
    - Preparation of quarterly and annual payroll tax returns
    - Assist in the preparation of Budgets
    - Preparation of Federal and Florida corporate tax returns
    - Attendance at the association's annual meeting and special meetings of the Board of Directors

  • Our highly professional team provides a valuable resource for trial lawyers, providing them with the necessary resources to better serve their clients. You will find our staff to be well trained in discovery of important financial information as well as in the compilation of materials in order to provide appropriate testimony.

    Related Areas Include:
    - Insurance Companies and Claimants
    - Fraud and Financial Irregularities
    - Trusts and Estates
    - Bankruptcy
    - Contractual Obligations
    - Family Law
    - Eminent Domain and Business Damages
    - Commercial Banking and Lender Liability

  • Our ability to provide a full range of professional services extends to the auditing of nonprofit organizations. Our firm has full capabilities in various applications that include the following areas:
    - Audit of Financial Statements
    - Preparation of Form 990: Return of Organization Exempt for Income Tax
    - Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
    - Preparation of Budgets
    - Implementation of Computer Systems
    - Audit of Federal and State Financial Assistance Program under the Single Audit Act

  • Additional professional services provided by GLSC & Co. include business evaluations, services provided to healthcare industry clients, feasibility studies, international tax services and financial as well as estate planning. This comprehensive approach enables us to achieve a competitive edge in the emerging global economy. It also enables us to help you uniquely position you business.